The Charity Governance Code is a framework of principles and related actions designed to help non-profits implement governance best practice in their organisations. For smaller non-profits that may have limited time and budgets, CramdenTECH has developed a learning resource containing a set of model policy and procedural templates to take the hard work out of implementing the Charity Governance Code.

The Charity Governance Code for Smaller Charities course can be utilised in a number of ways. Resources may be used to:

  • Provide new board trustees with a step-by-step guide to implementing good governance within their charities
  • Upskill existing trustees and staff. Course participants who successfully complete each lesson in this e-learning resource can obtain a course completion certificate reflecting their learning achievements.
  • Provide smaller boards with an ‘out-of-the box’ governance management system. Each charity client will receive a 3 month licence to BoardPASS 365, CramdenTECH’s Governance Management System for Non-Profits and SME.
  • A bank of model governance related policy templates and checklists related to finance, governance management, human resources, data protection and risk management. Board members should read all policy and procedural documents to ensure that the contents reflect their specific organisations needs and requirements. Where amendments are required, these should be made before policy and procedures are formally adopted.

Course Structure

The course is divided in easy-to-follow lessons that map directly to the recommended practices outlined in the Charity Governance Code for Smaller Charities. Participants can choose to follow course lessons sequentially or ‘dip into’ lessons and related topics as they wish. The core lessons covered in the course are:

  • Introduction to the Charity Governance Code
  • Seven Principles of Good Governance
  • Adopting the Charity Governance Code
  • Introduction to Principle 1: Organisational Purpose
  • Determining Organisational Purpose
  • Achieving the Purpose
  • Analysing the External Environment and Planning for Sustainability
  • Introduction to Principle 2: Leadership
  • Leading the Charity
  • Leading by Example
  • Commitment
  • Introduction to Principle 3: Integrity
  • Maintaining the Charity’s Reputation
  • Identifying, dealing with and recording conflicts of interest/loyalty
  • Introduction to Principle 4: Decision Making, Risk and Control
  • Delegation and Control
  • Managing and Monitoring Organisational Performance
  • Actively Managing Risks
  • Appointing External Examiners or Auditors
  • Introduction to Principle 5: Board Effectiveness
  • Working as an Effective Team
  • Reviewing the Board’s Composition
  • Overseeing Appointments
  • Developing the Board
  • Introduction to Principle 6: Diversity
  • Encouraging Inclusive and Accessible Participation
  • Recruiting Diverse Trustees
  • Monitoring and Reporting on Diversity
  • Introduction to Principle 7: Openness and Accountability
  • Communicating and Consulting Effectively with Stakeholders
  • Developing a Culture of Openness within the Charity
  • Member Engagement
  • Compliance with the Charity Governance Code
  • Course Completion Quiz
  • Charity Governance Code Resources and Templates

Additional Software Licence

As part of this course, participants will have 90 days free access to BoardPASS 365 (cloud-based Governance Management System). Using BoardPASS 365 will provide course participants with an opportunity to use governance applications designed to help them to build their skills in Agenda Building, Minute Taking, Compliance Tracking, Meetings Management, Risk Register construction and Management Reporting.

Target Audience

An ideal course for non-profit company directors, charity trustees, company secretaries, management committee members, CEO’s and executive staff who support the governance function in UK based charities!


This is a restricted course.

Charity Governance Code for Smaller Charities (UK) is a governance resource developed by CramdenTECH Ltd. – a leading provider of governance and compliance training, board director supports, governance management systems and eLearning for the SME and Non-profit Sectors.