For Non-Profits

Transparency and accountability in the Non-Profit Sector is increasing year on year. Robust policies and procedures are necessary to ensure that good governance is achieved in a charity, social enterprise, voluntary group, sports club or school.

Many non-profits are struggling with the need to improve corporate governance while delivering quality services with a limited number of staff or volunteers. If your organisation faces this dilemma, talk to CramdenTECH. Hear how BoardPASS Services can help. You and your colleagues can concentrate on delivering much needed beneficiary supports while we provide you with:

  • A single, secure online hub from which to generate and manage the information you need to quickly run board and management meetings
  • Policies and practical procedures for Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Governance and Data Protection
  • Opportunities to onboard your staff and volunteers into their specific roles and further upskill them 24/7 in areas relating to communications technologies, digital marketing, finance, data protection, company law and human resources

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions below, get in touch with us today. See how the CramdenTECH team can help you to implement governance best practice.

  • Would you like volunteers and staff to learn their job roles more quickly resulting in fewer mistakes?
  • Would you like a ‘ready-made’ system of finance and internal management policies and procedures to help you govern your Non-Profit more effectively?
  • Would you like to easily track your regulatory compliance obligations?
  • Would you like to access charity trustees training, improve employee digital skills or keep up-to-date with non-profit and charity related legislation 24/7?
  • Would you like to reduce the time spent on corporate governance administration and compliance in your organisation?

Yes? Contact Us Today! Our tailor-made BoardPASS Services have helped other non-profit organisations. Why not yours?